Eficode, an European company driving the Agile and DevOps movements, announced that its revenue more than doubled from the last fiscal year to over 72 million euros.

The increase in revenue was fueled by both strong organic growth and the acquisitions of Riada from Sweden, Beecom from Switzerland and Contribyte from Finland. Now the majority of the income and customer base resides outside Finland. Eficode now has more than 1000 customers, with a number of significant new customers including McLaren, Deutsche Telekom, and Sandvik.

Companies continue to look for competitive advantages from software development and from more agile workplaces. This means businesses across Europe need more advice, training and help transforming and adopting an Agile and DevOps culture in their software development. Eficode has signed multiple agreements, especially with the customers in the finance industry, to adopt the Jira Alignsolution, often in association with The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®).

Eficode ROOT DevOps Platform was selected by one of the world’s biggest online gaming companies, alongside numerous other businesses across Continental Europe and the Nordics. Eficode CEO, Ilari Nurmi, said:

“Businesses keep adopting Agile and DevOps. That takes know-how from a wide range of areas: people, processes, and tools. We are honoured that so many businesses turn to us for guidance and advice on this. And I am proud of our now more than 450 Eficodeans for their exceptional work every day.”

The EU Website Accessibility Directive continued to fuel our accessibility projects, reinforcing our position as the recognized provider of accessibility and UX research. Eficode also continued to expand the software modernization and cloud transformation projects internationally.

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