When someone says “programming” out loud, it inevitably evokes deep curiosity and mystery in those across the room who have not yet plumbed its depths and are not familiar with the meaning of the profession of “programmer.” Programming is steadily gaining popularity and today if you master this #tech craft, you become a valuable asset to companies because you possess a skill that is becoming increasingly necessary for our modern lives. For people outside the tech industry, however, programming can be a foreign concept.

In this article, we’ve chosen to list five of the best programming movies presented by Live for film starring Jolie and other famous actors, whose plots would captivate even those who have no idea what Python or Java is, for example. Films that will help people outside the tech world be able to better understand the power of this unique craft.

Top 5 Best Movies for Programmers

The Social Network (2010)
“The Social Network is a film about the rise of one of the world’s most recognisable figures, Mark Zuckerberg, and the founding of Facebook. The film was directed by David Fincher and starring Jesse Eisenberg and won an astonishing three awards at the 83rd annual Academy Awards.

The film follows the story of Mark Zuckerberg, who creates two successive versions of his famous social networking site. After the initial launch of “thefacebook” the site quickly became popular. Despite numerous legal battles, Zuckerberg began the process of building the new and improved social media platform that was destined to bring him the success that the world recognizes today.

The genius of the film lies in its careful visualization of the intense programming process. Viewers can see the power of programming through Zuckerberg’s complex code and the revolutionary results it produces. The film may not provide an in-depth guide to programming, but it creates an impression of the reality of the lives of programmers that those who are not outside of this world will understand, and those who have already immersed themselves in it will recognize.

Hackers (1995)
“Hackers” is one of the earliest feature films about programming. The film is set in New York City and follows a group of clever and skilled hackers who attempt to crack a large computer system. Released in 1995, the film was an instant hit and helped establish the subculture of hackers and programmers.

The film follows the story of a group of young hackers, played by Johnny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie and Matthew Lillard, who attempt to hack into a large computer system that, if broken, could have disastrous consequences. Viewers go through an interesting and educational journey as they witness the characters solve complex problems and navigate computer security systems. Moreover, “Hackers” introduces early concepts of the Internet. The film also contains some exciting scenes that take place in a computer environment and play a huge role in keeping the viewers’ interest.

The Imitation Game (2014)
The Imitation Game is a thrilling historical drama directed by Morten Tyldnin and starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the British mathematician, Alan Turing. The film follows Turing’s life as he attempts to crack The Enigma code during World War II. This feat of programming genius was a significant win for the British forces and allowed them access to vital intelligence.

The movie follows Turing’s struggles as he attempts to create a machine for decrypting Nazi forces’ communications. After years of intense programming and dedication, the machine that he created manages to break the code. It was one of the most remarkable successes of the war period and brought Turing international recognition.

The Imitation Game offers a detailed and in-depth look at Turing’s career and his extraordinary coding skills. He was a genius and a hero, and this movie rightfully showcases his accomplishments.

Silicon Valley (2014-2019)
Silicon Valley is a smash hit HBO television series. It is one of the most celebrated programming movies of recent times. Created by Mike Judge and now in its sixth season, the show follows the story of a group of gifted engineers and entrepreneurs as they attempt to launch their software company.

The show is great at providing an inside look of the tech industry. The characters are smart, funny, and resourceful. They are also really good at programming and the audience is provided with a realistic yet entertaining look at the coding process. Through the show, viewers not only witness the power of this craft, but the enterprising spirit that comes with it.

The show definitely serves as a great motivation for young programmers and tech enthusiasts. It is certainly one of the best shows that HP ever produced.

Code: Debugging the Gender Gap (2015)
Code: Debugging the Gender Gap is a documentary about the lack of gender diversity in the tech industry. The film brings light to the fact that despite its growth and prestige, the tech industry still has a large gender gap.

The documentary follows the story of a number of successful women already in the industry, and the difficulties they faced to even make it. Despite the obvious talent, resilience, and ingenuity of the women featured in the film, the audience can still feel the lack of gender representation in the industry.

The movie also makes some great points about the power of programming and the lack of women in the industry. It serves as a reminder that even though strides are being made, change can’t come soon enough.

What is the conclusion?
From entertaining protagonists and gripping narrative sequences, to thoughtful observations about the impact of gender representation in the tech world, the five movies discussed here are invaluable resources for understanding the power of programming.

Whether you’re just a curious observer of the tech industry or a budding programmer looking for some inspiration, these five films should be at the top of your watch list. They will not only provide a glimpse of what programming can really do, they’ll also show its complexity and potential – the potential that lies in us.

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You can share your opinion about these films or recommend other interesting productions that would be useful for people in the programming world.

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