JFrog Ltd., the Liquid Software company, announced an agreement with SB C&S Corp. to deliver its scalable DevOps Platform to help customers in Japan release software in a fast and secure manner from development all the way to the edge. Shlomi Ben Haim, Co-Founder and CEO, JFrog said:

“We are thrilled to partner with SoftBank to accelerate DevOps adoption in Japan. This partnership will be a catalyst in a world where every company becomes a DevOps company. Companies build and release more software to stay ahead of their competitors, software must be updated, and updates can be only achieved with secure binary deployment to the edge. We believe the combination of JFrog’s Platform and SoftBank expertise will boost cloud-native and DevOps adoption in Japan.”

JFrog’s hybrid, universal, end-to-end DevOps Platform powers over 6,000 companies worldwide including the majority of the F100 list, and solves challenges found in critical pieces of the DevOps supply chain, such as safely storing, managing, securing, and distributing all types of software packages, collecting key metrics, correlating them across diverse systems, and providing actionable information to improve software update and release cycles. The JFrog Platform works in self-hosted, SaaS, hybrid and multi-cloud environments across AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, providing the confidence that releases are tested and secured as they move to production environments. Mr. Kazuya Kusakawa, Board Director, Executive Vice President, Head of ICT Business Unit, SB C&S Corp, commented:

“We quickly understood the benefits DevOps and continuous software delivery offers and welcome the start of a new partnership with JFrog Japan Co. SB C&S has been promoting DevOps since 2017 and we see great value in working with JFrog, a leading platform, to continue sharing DevOps best practices with leading companies in Japan.”

The partnership enables the complete JFrog Platform to be available immediately in Japan, including:

  • JFrog Artifactory: As the world’s first universal binary repository, JFrog Artifactory is the heart of the JFrog Platform. It functions as a single source of truth for all types of software packages that follow the DevOps lifecycle from development to the edge.
  • JFrog Xray: JFrog Xray enables multi-layer composition analysis across various software aspects such as container and artifact vulnerabilities and quality assurance against open-source license violations.
  • JFrog Pipelines: Enables CI/CD as an integral part of the platform to automate DevOps processes for all teams and tools so that teams can release software updates quickly across their CI/CD pipelines.
  • JFrog Distribution: Helps customers securely package production artifacts and rapidly distribute software around the world.
  • JFrog Mission Control & Insight: This dashboard provides a bird’s-eye view of JFrog Platform services, delivery visibility and metrics across your geographically dispersed sites.
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