After two years of working on the React Hook Form, its latest version – React Hook Form 7.0 has just come up.

The library helps to check forms in React, as it is minimalist and is not dependent on many things – it is effective, easy to use and requires less code-writing compared to other form libraries. If you are not a React Hook Form user, then you should totally check on its newest 7th version. If you are already a consumer, you could view the manual of migration from v6 to v7.

React Hook Form 7 is mainly focused on the following aspects:

  • (DX) Strict typed form
  • Reduce package size
  • Performance enhancements
  • improve API’s simplicity and consistency

The aim of React Hook Form is to make the lives of the developers easier. Besides the fact that there are fewer codes to write, its unneeded re-renders have been eliminated as well.

You can read more about React Hook Form and its latest stable version HERE.

If you already use RHF, then you can check out the instructions on migration from v6 to v7 HERE.

You can also watch a short explanatory video about React Hook Form, made by one of the creators of the library – “Bill” – and get to know more about why he called the new version “developer-friendly”.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International