Netflix is beginning its first public tests of streaming video games, The Verge reports. Starting this week, some Netflix subscribers in Canada and the United Kingdom will be able to stream Netflix games streamed to select TVs, connected TV devices and the Internet from the company’s official website.

In a blog post, Netflix’s VP of games Mike Verdoux describes this as a “limited beta test” for a “small number of members.” Not all subscribers will be able to take advantage of the new service right away. Despite the small launch, this step marks an important milestone for Netflix’s development in gaming.

By bringing gaming to TVs and web browsers via cloud streaming, subscribers will be able to play Netflix titles in many more places, and it also means Netflix can start competing for gaming time on TVs and PCs.

The games currently available are Oxenfree (created by Night School Studio, which Netflix already owns) and the new title Molehew’s Mining Adventure.

For those of you who have Android the controller will be accessible through the Netflix app. On iOS, you will need to download a dedicated controller app beforehand. If you can access the games on the internet, you can play them with a mouse and keyboard.

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