Microsoft is expected to allow Windows 11 users to uninstall even more built-in apps very soon, The Verge reports.

Testing of the new version of Windows 11 has already begun with testers from the Canary channel, which includes the ability to uninstall the Camera app, the recently discontinued Cortana app, the Photos and People apps, and the Remote Desktop Client (MSTSC).

Microsoft ships a large number of these so-called “inbox apps” preinstalled with Windows 11. Most of these built-in apps aren’t large, which means you won’t save much space by uninstalling them. But uninstalling them completely should make Windows a little less bloated.

Next month’s Windows 11 update is also expected to include native support for RAR and 7-Zip files, as well as a new settings home page, a much better volume mixer, and early access to Windows Copilot.

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