GitHub has published its Octoverse Report for 2022. That’s according to a post on the company’s blog.

The report aims to show the impact of open source software on the work of software developers and companies.

The company has been doing its annual report for 10 years, and in 2012 there were 2.8 million developers on GitHub, and companies use open source primarily to power their web servers. Big open source projects like Docker and Kubernetes don’t even exist in the public domain at this point.
Today, more than 94 million developers are on GitHub, and open source – which now underpins more than 90% of the world’s software – has completely changed the way most companies (and developers) build applications.

These are some key takeaways from the recently published Octoverse 2022 report. But this year’s report answers another leading question: How is open source changing the world and impacting business, observing three big trends in the field?

In 2022, the fastest growing language on GitHub was Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL), and there were additional gains in the Shell and Go communities.

Great technologies build great open source communities. Far from the past when companies viewed open source with suspicion, companies today are investing in open source technologies. In 2022, some of the largest open source projects on GitHub were backed by commercial funding.

Since the report’s release, it’s clear that 50% of early contributors are working on commercially backed open source projects.

This is partly why more companies are creating and contributing to open source software. According to our data, more than 30% of Fortune 100 companies now have open source program offices (OSPOs) that coordinate strategies in the field.

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