A cloud-based operating system will make it easier to create, scale, and secure applications.

DBOS (Database Oriented Operating System) reports that the initial amount invested in the product is $8.5 million, with the financing process led by the following companies: Engine Ventures, Construct Capital, Sinewave and GutBrain Ventures.

The activity of DBOS is expressed in the implementation of operating system services on high-performance databases. The company creates a fault-tolerant and secure cyber foundation for cloud-based applications. In addition, the organization provides the ability to save information in SQL tables.

The first product the company offers is DBOS Cloud. This is a FaaS platform. Its appearance marks an extraordinary advance for developers who are determined to explore the capabilities of the DBOS operating system.

What is DBOS Cloud for?

The purpose of DBOS Cloud is to make it easier to create applications and work on serverless functions. Developing the DBOS-based platform enables developers to reach a framework designed to streamline processes while improving operational efficiency.

Linking the platform to DBOS makes the user experience different by simplifying traditional development operations. The benefits of using DBOS Cloud for developers is that they have the ability to work in an environment that aims to make the platform easier to use. In addition, developers are making progress in the field of cybersecurity.

“The cybersecurity implications of DBOS are truly transformative,” said DBOS co-founder and former Head of Cybersecurity Practice at BCG Platinion, Michael Coden.

These advantages lead to the conclusion that applications that are built on DBOS Cloud have protection against cyber-attacks. Also, they are adapting to the rapidly evolving digital environment.

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