Impetus Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. successfully celebrated its month-long activity, ‘Celebrating Inclusion.’ The month-long celebration, which was meant to break stereotypes, saw massive participation from employees across locations.

Through activities like ‘Man with a pan,’ Impetus witnessed more men taking up cooking for the household, which traditionally was seen as ‘women’s role’. All activities focused on age, diversity of culture were also conducted.

Impetus Technology aimed to encourage women at work by giving them options of increased flexibility compared to other companies while also challenging men to participate equally in housework outside of work hours through these various events during ‘Celebrating Inclusion Month. The leadership also penned a blog on the Importance of inclusive leadership at work and how it manifests into a key to create a consistently high-trust workplace experience for everyone.

There was a  multilingual musical evening. Renowned artists helped in embracing the power of inclusion, diverse perspectives and instil belongingness. Through this event, the organization focused on the Generation, Gender and Cultural aspects of inclusion. In another activity, employees shared varied festivals celebrated by them through visuals and exciting images, including the Independence Day celebration at work, bolstering the belief that ‘we are one,’ both in the organization and in the nation.

This month-long celebration was a testimony of the inclusive culture that the organization believes which further strengthened it.

During this event, Sanjeev Agrawal, VP, Operations & Human Empowerment, added,

“At the Impetus Group, we value our people, their thoughts, experiences, differences and dreams. We ensure to provide our people with an inclusive environment to make them feel valued, engaged and inspired, to do what they are best at.”

Impetus Technologies believes in diversity, inclusion and collaboration and witnesses it as being essential to fuel the power of connections. The Group strives to strike the right balance among the diverse groups and ensure that they foster inclusion in which each employee can thrive.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International