It’s no secret that a true professional will always keep up with the latest in technology and everything that’s happening in the tech industry because of their love and passion for it. But that can’t be the sole reliance for a job well done by a company’s team. Every member needs to know what’s happening every minute in the tech world. It might seem a bit much, but only true professionals would understand. 

A Forbes features the ways members of the Forbes Technology Council detail how their teams are keeping up with new technologies and trends.

Here are some of the ways:


Hold Regular Meetings Focused On Tech Trends

We have a scheduled weekly tech trend meeting and announcements. Each member of the team shares their knowledge of new and trending technologies. I also encourage members of the team to join known technology groups, forums and chat groups and to attend events and webinars. One other strategy is to regularly invite original equipment manufacturers and technology vendors to come and share knowledge on new and innovative technologies and improvements. – shares to Forbes Technology  Dr Samuel Mbonu, Tangerine Africa.

Allocate Time For Personal And Community Projects And Sabbaticals

World-class organizations that want to foster curiosity and innovation in their engineering cultures often allocate time in their resource plans for personal projects, community or open-source projects, and sabbaticals. It’s a time-tested approach used by think tanks and universities around the world. – shares to Forbes Technology Dan Branco, GSI Solutions.

Include All Teams And Cover Multiple Topics

We use Slack across the board, including all teams within our company—field, product, engineering, HR and sales—and covering a wide range of topics, including well-being, mental health and so on. This helps us to align and drive collaboration. But this is just one among the many tools and resources we use to drive the dissemination of information, including intranets, wikis and so on. The only issue becomes maintaining all of these different communication tools! – shares to Forbes Technology Navaid Khan, Cohesity.

Implement An ‘Innovation Intake’ Process

We have implemented an “innovation intake” process wherein anyone and everyone in the company can make recommendations or highlight new trends. It’s important to understand why a tech trend or a new technology caught someone’s attention, to detail and understand the features they liked, and to assess the value that could be delivered. This helps us prioritize our roadmap accordingly and empowers us to be tech enablers for the firm. – shares to Forbes Technology Karthik Ranganathan, SupportNinja.

Build Learning Into The Culture

If you’ve built learning into your culture, more individuals will not only “keep up,” but more critically, they will help share and evangelize organically. This not only helps spread knowledge naturally and sustainably, but it also reinforces the culture of learning. – shares to Forbes Technology Andy Lin, Provoke Solutions.



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