As 2024 progresses, businesses are increasingly engaged in aligning with the leading trends in technology hiring. According to Robert Half Technology’s 2024 IT Salary Report, key areas of focus include cloud computing, DevOps, digital transformation, as well as enhanced security and privacy measures. Additionally, there is a strong push to advance development frameworks, artificial intelligence (AI), automation processes, system upgrades, and data integration and analytics. The survey reveals that 61% of managers are gearing up to hire for new positions, while 34% aim to fill roles left vacant.

The competition for top talent is intense. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of tech workers are considering new job opportunities, and a staggering 90% of technology managers report challenges in recruiting skilled candidates. In response, many are expediting their hiring processes. Furthermore, the report suggests that 89% of tech professionals are willing to return to the office full-time if the compensation is right, highlighting the influence of salary on retention strategies.

When setting salary levels, businesses need to consider various factors including competition, geographical location, corporate culture, and budget constraints.

Here’s a look at the 15 most sought-after tech roles for 2024:

  1. Systems Security Manager
  2. Network/Cloud Architect
  3. Applications Architect
  4. IT Director
  5. ERP Integration Manager
  6. Big Data Engineer
  7. Data Security Analyst
  8. Data Scientist
  9. DevOps Engineer
  10. Network Security Engineer
  11. Senior Web Developer
  12. Database Developer
  13. Software Engineer
  14. Network/Cloud Engineer
  15. Help Desk Support Manager
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