There have been claims that Twitter has terminated API access for a number of third-party apps, including popular tools like Tweetbot and Twitterrific, which could be a new attempt to stop people from using the platform through third-party sites, forcing them to return to Twitter itself instead, SocialMedia Today reports.

Another mistake?

Initial assumptions were that it was a mistake, inherent to Twitter in recent times. But on Saturday, The Information reported that, according to an insider, access was deliberately suspended.

Is Twitter’s act unprofessional? 

Twitter has said nothing on the subject so far, while the developer community has been highly critical of the platform’s actions, describing them as unprofessional. According to the developers, such actions represent an irreparable breach of trust between their community and users.

The key is…

Third-party tools often become key connectors for users in different regions and circumstances, helping to increase usage and engagement. It’s no secret that Twitter has had a difficult relationship with developers, restricting and re-authorising API access over time – something former CEO Jack Dorsey says was a key mistake he tried to fix while he was still in charge.

The reason?

It is possible that Musk sees this kind of access as a competitive problem, which is why he decided to close it.

And perhaps Twitter is also working to add similar functionality to these apps as part of its new “Check for Organizations” subscription package. There are no clear opinions on the platform’s move yet, but Twitter is already urging businesses to sign up for early access to the professional subscription offering, which could include access to more advanced features.

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