OVES Enterprise opens its first office abroad in Munich, Germany. This happens as part of the international expansion strategy. It aims for the company to be presented and recognized in 5 countries by the end of the year. They will be Germany, USA, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Spain, according to Nine O’clock.

The purpose of the broadening in Germany is to strengthen existing customer relations and also to promote OVES Enterprise services in the German-speaking markets from the DACH region. Mihai Filip, CEO of OVES Enterprise said:

“Currently, we have 20 clients outside Romania, 10 of them being in Germany. Hence the desire to set up an OVES Enterprise office in Munich. Also, 80% of last year’s turnover was generated by businesses from abroad, and with the international expansion we estimate that the share will be increased to 95%.”

The company has a team of consultants specializing in enterprise technologies such as Java, .net, Python, Big Data and Front End (Angular, React etc).

When it comes to the OVES Enterprise’s revenue – last year it has increased 4 times, reaching approximately 14 million lei.

Doubling the number of employees to support the company’s expansion on the international market and engaging in increasingly complex projects are part of the company’s development plans for this year.

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