Spotify has announced an interesting new feature called “Playlist in a Bottle”. These are automatically generated playlists based on what you’ve listened to over the year.

With “Playlist in a Bottle,” Spotify is telling users that “to celebrate the new year, we’re launching a timely user experience to help you capture the moment until January 2024.”

To make your Playlist in a Bottle, you need to follow the instructions on the official website of the platform, as it is not automatically generated.

Spotify stated the feature will be available to subscribers in the U.S., UK, Australia, France, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Chile, U.A.E., Colombia, Indonesia, Sweden, Egypt, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Czech Republic, Denmark, Morocco, Philippines, and Poland.

However, your time for this service is limited. Spotify only gives users the month of January to create a time capsule. The feature will not be available after January 31.

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