Microsoft has released a new version of .NET Upgrade Assistant in Visual Studio that provides a range of new enhancements and cross-platform and framework support, Inofq reports. The tool now supports .NET 8, allowing developers to use the latest .NET features and enhancements.

The new version also has more enhancements such as an upgrade for Azure Functions, along with .NET MAUI, WinUI and support for ARM64. The latest version of .NET Upgrade Assistant comes with a new feature – Azure Functions Upgrade. Developers can easily upgrade their Azure Functions project, similar to upgrading any other project, by right-clicking on the project in the Solution Explorer and selecting the Upgrade option.

By following these update steps in the tool, developers can ensure that both the project file and the Azure Functions version are updated to the latest versions available. The tool updates the feature body to leverage the new APIs, ensuring that the updated project is optimized for the latest technologies and features.

The tool also upgrades all packages referenced by the application to a comprehensive set of packages that match the target version of .NET, in addition to upgrading the target framework.

According to a survey gathering opinions on Visual Studio’s new .NET project upgrade feature, Infoq writes more. Users are encouraged to share their experiences and suggest improvements by participating in the survey.

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