In an exciting development, JetBrains has launched an early-access preview of Writerside, a authoring and publishing tool designed to streamline the process of creating technical documentation. Writerside is set to revolutionize how developers and writers work together on a wide range of materials, including product documentation, API references, developer guides, tutorials, and how-to guides.

One of the most remarkable features of Writerside is its AI-based spellchecker and grammar correction tool, which boasts support for over 25 languages. This tool opens up opportunities for creators in various linguistic domains, including English, German, Spanish, and Chinese, to ensure their content is not only technically accurate but also linguistically polished.

Writerside, the innovative authoring and publishing tool by JetBrains, boasts a plethora of remarkable features tailored to enhance the technical documentation creation process. These features include:

  • Built-in Git UI: Simplifying version control and collaboration, Writerside incorporates a Git user interface, making it effortless for developers and writers to work together seamlessly.
  • Live Preview: Writers can now enjoy a real-time, accurate preview of their documents as they will appear to readers, eliminating the need to wait for a full build to see the final result.
  • Markdown and XML Support: Writerside offers versatile support for Markdown, XML, or the combined use of both. Developers can inject semantic attributes and elements to enrich Markdown, and easily convert Markdown elements into XML for a structured and standardized output.
  • Ready-to-Use Designs: The tool provides authors with a range of pre-designed templates. Customization options include choosing between dark or light modes, adjusting contrast, selecting soft or vivid skins, and defining accent colors to align with a brand’s identity. This allows content creators to concentrate on their content, without the need to delve into complex layout design or CSS management.
  • Automated Testing: Writerside conducts automatic checks for broken links, missing resources, incorrect attribute values, and non-unique IDs. It also features built-in code highlighting and validation, with a comprehensive suite of inspections to ensure document quality and accuracy.
  • Single Source of Truth: Writerside maintains a central repository of content for project-wide content reuse, streamlining collaboration and content consistency across a variety of documentation materials.

JetBrains said it uses Writerside internally to write documentation for products ranging from the IntelliJ Platform SDK to the Kotlin programming language.

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