It is a well-known fact that Facebook is maybe the most popular and used social media which is constantly changing and working on its features. Now the company is planning to develop its privacy rules by removing a swathe of explicit ad targeting options that refer to potentially problematic issues and causes. 

Facebook revealed that in January 2022, the Detailed Targeting options will be removed because the related topics may be perceived as sensitive by some users. For instance, you won’t be able to target your ads on topics, related to health, sexual orientation, etc. Thus a variety of options will be removed. Soon after these options will no longer be available, many marketers would be affected, such as political parties or healthcare brands.

There is some research showing that most young consumers are more likely to purchase something from a brand that supports a cause or a movement and the removal of the target element will be a significant change. However, the company explains that Engagement Custom Audiences will be an option that is still available to use in order to reach people who have liked their page. ts.

The real question is ‘’Why is this change?’’ and many of us would like to know the answer.

Well, because of the GDPR, which is a law Facebook has battled since 2018 when it came into effect, the company is not allowed legally to target users without explicit consent from each individual. There are still ways the ads on Facebook can be used in what would be esteemed as discrimination. The removal of the ad qualifiers, however, will guarantee that the company faces its legal demands.

Basically, it is one more reminder that you can expand your own first-party data and collect information on your audience in order to establish your own focus lists. The good news is that you can select and target with more control not only on Facebook but also outside of the applications themselves.

Facebook revealed that the existing ad set which is available for all of us now will be stopped on 17th March next year. At some stage, you may be required to update your targeting selections. If possible, the company would provide an alternative targeting recommendation via Ads Manager.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International