By looking at the way programs are used on GitHub, we can gain insight into the growing use of programming languages and learn about the unique features of each. Programming languages serve as the foundation for creating software. And if you’re ambitious for a successful career in this field, you’ll need an in-depth knowledge of programming languages.

Today, we’ve chosen to bring you 10 programming languages that Github Repo contributors are using this year according to Analytics Insight.

JavaScript is the most popular programming tool. In the last year, about 4 million developers have joined the community, the highest growth rate of any language. Over 2.5 million developers have signed up in the last six months alone. Even in software domains where JavaScript is not the preferred programming language.

Python is also an important and fast-growing programming language in machine learning and data science. Python programmers are becoming more common as a result of the language’s simple syntax and library support.

Java is the third most common language used by GitHub contributors. While Java shares some low-level features with C and C++, it is primarily a high-level language used for client-server web applications.

TypeScript is a rapidly growing open source programming language created by Microsoft. It includes all the functionality of JavaScript, as well as some new features such as the Enum type and floats.

C++ ranks fifth on the list of most used languages by GitHub users. C++ is a popular general-purpose programming language that can be used to create operating systems, games, and other applications. However, the language has risen in the rankings compared to last year, when it was in sixth place.

Ruby is a dynamic open source programming language that is strongly focused on ease of use and performance. It is a high-level interpreted general-purpose computer language. It has an attractive syntax that is easy to understand and write.

PHP, or Hypertext Pre-processor Language, is a popular general-purpose open source programming language. Last year, the language was ranked fourth. Additionally, this year it is the eighth most used language among repository authors on GitHub. PHP is a programming language that is used to create dynamic websites, static webpages, and web applications.

C# is an object-oriented computer language based on the C family of languages. The language is widespread and well-liked, according to the Stack Overflow Developers 2020 report. Microsoft recently released .NET 5.0, the latest major release of its .NET development platform, which includes a new version of the C# programming language.

And C ranks in the list of most commonly used computer languages. In 2017, C was ranked eighth, but in 2021, it will be ranked eighth. It is used for a variety of purposes, including generating and building databases, developing compilers, and developing applications for the Internet of Things.

A shell is a type of user program that allows users to interact with operating system features. It takes user-supplied commands that are human-readable and converts them into something the kernel can understand. A shell is a command language interpreter that reads instructions from input devices, such as keyboards or files, and executes them.

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