Atlancer has launched, a platform that aims to democratize AI technology and change the way we use it.

The platform allows users to easily create, share and use AI tools without the need for formal training or technical knowledge.

Its advantage is the ability to self-generate. Quite quickly and easily, users can describe the AI tool they want to create in the hint box, and the AI algorithm will automatically infer their intentions and generate the tool for them. This intuitive and efficient process enables users to quickly implement their ideas without prior programming experience.

The idea for came when the founder, Armand Poonawala, was experimenting with ChatGPT and thought of creating an AI blog writing tool using OpenAI’s API and He then created this tool and went on to create multiple tools like a caption generator, email template generator, and more.

“We’ll soon see entire websites auto-generated, apps built by AI, and gradually pretty much every logical function humans perform as we get closer to AGI. Until then, humans will need to work with these tools and the tools need the humans equally to have functions”,

said Armand Poonawala.

Users can also create custom tools based on their preferences and share them on social media or anywhere they want, getting rewarded every time someone uses their tools. is also one of the first platforms that facilitates the creation and usage of both image and text-based tools, allowing a greater variety of tools to be created and used.

This platform is a great example of how AI technology can be democratized, allowing anyone and everyone to be an AI developer without any formal training.

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