Rezilion has updated the open source MI-X tool developed by Rezilion’s vulnerability research team. The new updates give teams vital information about the exploitability of known critical CVEs in their environment.

“We are constantly extending MI-X to enable validation for more vulnerabilities,” . “With these latest enhancements, we have added the ability to produce machine-readable output so the tool can be integrated as part of the CI process and have also added mitigation and remediation advice for every supported vulnerability. We hope these improvements will help users gain even more value from using the tool”,

said Yotam Perkal, Director, Vulnerability Research for Rezilion.

MI-X can create machine-readable output in JSON or CSV format. In addition to the new updates, the company offers Windows support for the Heartbleed and SpookySSL vulnerabilities.

MI-X enables the use of a command line interface (CLI) tool to identify and establish the exploitability of more than 20 well-known common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs).

The CLI tool is a free, open-source companion to Rezilion’s enterprise solution for software supply chain security and helps researchers and developers identify if containers and hosts are impacted by a specific vulnerability, thus allowing organizations to target remediation plans more effectively.

Using MI-X, organizations can identify and establish the exploitability of 20+ high-profile CVEs, including hosts and containers. The tool can easily be updated to include coverage for new critical and zero-day vulnerabilities.

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