The second-ranked search engine is getting a new chatbot interface that attempts to synthesize information from sites across the web.

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, is being updated with artificial intelligence. Today at the company’s campus in Washington, executives unveiled a new version of Bing incorporating the technology behind startup OpenAI’s viral chatbot ChatGPT.

Updates will include smooth written responses to queries that summarize information found on the web and the addition of a new chatbot interface for complex queries, Wired wrote on the topic.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, said the new features signal a paradigm shift in search. “In fact, a new race begins today,” he said. Nadella is right: Google announced Monday that it will launch its own competing chatbot, a product called Bard, though it won’t initially be part of Google Search.

The response included a disclaimer: “This is not a definitive answer, however, and you should always measure actual items before attempting to transport them.”

A “feedback box” at the top of each answer will allow users to respond with a thumbs up or down, helping Microsoft train its algorithms. Google has already demonstrated its own use of text generation to improve search results by aggregating different viewpoints.

Microsoft has also incorporated aspects of ChatGPT’s core technology into a new sidebar in the company’s Edge browser. Users can use the tool to summarize a long and complex financial document or compare it to another. It’s possible to prompt the chatbot to turn those insights into an email, list or social media post with a certain tone, such as professional or funny.

ChatGPT has caused a stir since OpenAI launched the chatbot in November, amazing and exciting users with its smooth, clear responses to written prompts and questions.

OpenAI began as a non-profit focused on making artificial intelligence useful, but as of 2019 it is a commercial enterprise with significant investment from Microsoft, and recently secured a new commitment from the tech giant worth around $10 billion.

Microsoft has already commercialized a version of ChatGPT’s text generation technology in the form of Copilot, a tool that helps developers by generating programming code. Microsoft claims that experiments have shown that Copilot can reduce the time it takes to complete a coding task by around 40%.


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