Vodafone is collaborating with Google in order to cloud-based data platform that will help telcos discover new opportunities and improve customer relationships. 

While this partnership symbolizes the confluence between telecoms and Silicon Valley, concerns about customer data processing still remain crucial.

The deal between mobile operator Vodafone Group Plc and Alphabet Inc’s Google Cloud is set to last for six years. Representatives of both companies from Britain, Spain and the USA, will create a new cloud-based storage and analytics portal to host Vodafone’s data – a “Nucleus”.

Vodafone state that “Nucleus” will have the capability to process around 50 terabytes of data each day within the cloud. According to the statement, “Both companies will drive the use of reliable and secure data analytics, insights, and learning to support the introduction of new digital products and services for Vodafone customers simultaneously worldwide”.

Along with the storage and analytics portal, both companies will also develop a system called ‘Dynamo’ with the ability to extract and transport data across all the countries where Vodafone operates.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International