One of the main responsibilities of a team leader is not only to be responsible for completing his team’s tasks as well as meeting deadlines, but also to make sure that the working atmosphere is pleasant and free from tension, misunderstanding and conflict.

Every manager wants to be good, but before we ask anything of ourselves and others, we need to ask ourselves, “What makes a good manager and how can we improve our own version of our professional self?”

Today, there are plenty of online courses, seminars, tutorials on the internet that teach you to be better at what you do and to be the best manager you can be. Yes, the list of endless training and self-development courses is endless, and you can even watch the best TED talks on leadership. But how much can they really motivate and touch you? Did you know that you can learn valuable lessons about how to be a good manager from the movies too?

In this article, we’ve put together a list of the best movies that all managers are advised to watch, according to Recruiter. Movies that will show them how patience and perseverance are the foundation of good leadership.

Steve Jobs
This film showcases the career of Steve Jobs, from the introduction of the first Macintosh to the revolutionary iMac. Watching this film, we will see how Steve Jobs used his controversial leadership style to deal with personal issues and challenges within his company.

Why should you watch it?
Did you know that Steve Jobs had some glaring weaknesses, from his uncompromising attitude to his impatient demeanor, that are not particularly advisable or exemplary. But one of Steve Jobs’ most distinctive traits to pay attention to is his constant striving for perfection – something every manager should comb for. Steve Jobs is also known as someone who always motivated his colleagues to dream big. And although he is no longer with us, his management style and professionalism will remain a good example of successful leadership.

We have to accept the fact that no manager is perfect. We all make mistakes, but the important thing is to admit them. Richard Nixon’s attempt to cover up the Watergate scandal led to the end of his presidency. He agreed to be interviewed by David Frost to atone for his guilt, but after hours of debate and questions, he caved in under pressure and was brought to trial.

Why you should watch
Honesty is the best policy – something Nixon learned the hard way. But you can spare yourself those difficulties. It’s important to know that as a leader, it’s okay to communicate what’s going on and be transparent. Nixon’s example teaches us that if you do something wrong, admit your mistakes and move on.

The plot of this film tells of a spaceship being attacked by an alien creature that devastates the crew. This sci-fi horror film may not be an obvious choice for future executives, but hear us out.

Why should it be watched?
During this crisis, crew member Ellen Ripley intervenes. She keeps her cool during the ordeal, sticks to her guns, devises attack strategies on the spot, and successfully handles the crisis, coming out alive against all odds. This film shows how even in times of crisis, economic instability, challenges and problems among team members, a good manager must remain calm and make the best decision no matter what.

Stay tuned this week for part two of Top Films for Good Managers.

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