Python is a general-purpose, high-level, open source programming language that is primarily used for data analytics, artificial intelligence, and backend web development. But despite being one of the most accessible and easy to learn languages, those who are learning it for the first time may encounter certain difficulties.

Today, we’ve chosen to present you with the most common Python issues that new users encounter, according to Analytics Insight.

4 Most Common Problems When Programming with Python?

Setting up
It’s challenging to decide between pip and pipenv were given the abundance of package managers. Understanding the benefits of using virtualenv.

You could find it completely absurd to have stringent indentation restrictions in a language’s grammar if you’re coming from C/C++ or Java. But with time, you’ll begin to value it in a long term.

Pythonic Way
If you’re used to writing code in C/C++, particularly loops, you can encounter a lot of resistance from Python programmers.

Difficult to Master
Don’t be deceived by Python’s easy syntax; you will always learn something new. Easy to learn, but difficult to master.

Python is one of the most solid and powerful programming languages, yet it is also quite “simple to learn.” The majority of developers and companies now use Python as their main language.

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