Asus has debuted an interesting and different new laptop screen that lets you see floating 3D “holographic” images – without the need for special virtual or augmented reality glasses, the Daily Star reports.

The technology, called “Spatial Vision,” was unveiled at CES 2023 and is likely to change the way we use laptops forever.Asus’ new glasses-free 3D OLED display gives you the ability to view 3D images on your screen without the need for special glasses.

Spatial Vision will initially appear on two high-end Asus laptops and allows users to switch between 2D and 3D images at the touch of a button.

It works using advanced eye-tracking technology that creates a 3D effect for each user’s eye. This makes it ideal for watching 3D videos or activating the 3D mode of video games without having to wear bulky glasses.

One of the first laptops with this technology, the ProArt Studiobook 16 3D OLED, has a screen that can fold completely flat.

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