Google’s AI chatbot enters messaging, Android Auto is getting AI features, and Google Docs will allow handwritten comments

Google has made various updates to Android, Auto, Google Docs and apps. The company is stаrting a new way to chat with its Gemini chatbot on Google Messages, announced The Verge.

Google has also developed smart features that make it easier to access apps for people with visual impairments.

Gemini will be released as an update to the Messages app this week. To access it, users will need to sign up for Google’s beta testing program.

Google One subscription will not be required for now.

The feature of the Gemini chatbot is that when you use it, you feel like you are talking to a friend. For now, it’s only available in English and available in “certаin markets.”

Android Auto will also be enhanced by the introduction of AI features. They will present summaries of long texts so that you can look and focus on the road while taking quick glances at the text. They will also offer to send you automatic replies or share the time you are supposed to arrive.

The latest updates made by Google have nothing to do with AI. They are intended simply for convenience. Google is adding a feature that makes it easier to connect devices when using Spotify.

Also, the company is adding a new feature related to the ability to make handwritten annotations on documents when using Google Docs. This new update allows Android devices to choose a pen color or marker to make marks on a document simply by typing with their fingers.

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