More than 1 700 people attended the webinar “Position :: Java Developer”, which was hosted by DevStyleR yesterday.

Professionals on leading positions and Java developers from international companies took part in the webinar. We’d like to thank them all once again for participating. A big Thank you to:

  • Anna Zaharova, Java Developer at Cortlex 
  • Damien Ferriol, VP HR EMEA at Axway
  • Nina Pivavarchyk, People and Culture Lead at Cortlex
  • Dominique Fougerat, EVP People & Culture at Axway
  • Bojidar Ivanov, Senior Director, Research&Development at Axway
  • Mani Sarkar, Polyglot Programmer: Software I Data I ML Engineer

Iva Abadjieva, Founder of Java2Days – the premier Java conference and Founder and Editor in Chief of DevStyleR also took part in the discussion.

During the event, they discussed topics such as salaries of Java developers, employee benefits, career development opportunities, work-life balance, inclusion and diversity in the companies, employer’s requirements, implementation of new technologies, tools and frameworks, technical and soft skills, interview processes and many more.

The audience was from all around the globe but mostly from the US, Europe, India, some African countries, etc. They were very active in terms of asking questions and the panelists did a great job answering them and creating discussions between each other.

Questions regarding an inclusive workplace were raised. These days companies are open to employing candidates from different cultural backgrounds. Another topic of discussion was the pandemic, due to which, many employees are now able to work from home all around the world in international companies. The speakers also expressed their opinions regarding the best-paid technologies their companies implement into projects. They also talked about the best projects for starting a career as a Java programmer, as well as the politics of different companies, the demand of Java developers, the importance of Oracle certifications in Java, and many more.

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