Confluent has released a fully managed Apache Flink service designed to make it easier for customers to create database streams.

“Flink’s high performance, low latency, and strong community make it the best choice for developers to use for stream processing”, said Shaun Clowes, chief product officer at Confluent.

Data stream processing allows experts to use new data as it arrives, rather than working on older data that has already been processed.

“Stream processing allows organizations to transform raw streams of data into powerful insights”, added Shaun Clowes.

Confluent says Apache Flink is designed to help detect fraud. It can also manage a supply chain in real time.

How can be Apache Flink used?

“With Kafka and Flink fully integrated in a unified platform, Confluent removes the technical barriers and provides the necessary tools so organizations can focus on innovating instead of infrastructure management”, shared Shaun Clowes.

Typically, Apache Flink is used to maintain data. It supports the activity of data processing experts in case of overload. The company points out that when starting a business, customers will face challenges such as: upfront costs and maintenance efforts.

Apache Flink enables users to quickly launch a business through monitoring, security and management services provided by Confluent. Apache Flink is currently available through AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

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