Google is one of the fastest developing companies in the world and this week they announced some new features that impressed the customers, making their work with the platform easier than ever.

Google Distributed Cloud Virtual Now Supports Virtual Machines

Recently Google announced the general availability of virtual machine (VM) support in Anthos for bare metal, also known as Google Distributed Cloud Virtual (GDC), which will allow customers to run VMs alongside containers on a single, unified, Google Cloud-connected platform in their data center or at the edge.

Google Cloud Spanner Introduces Free Trial Instances and Fine-Grained Access Control

Google Cloud recently announced different improvements to their managed databases. The cloud provider introduced free trial instances and fine-grained access control for Spanner to let developers try the managed service and configure access to data at the table and column level.

Kubernetes Control Plane Metrics Now Available in Google Kubernetes Engine

Google has announced the general availability of Kubernetes control plane metrics in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). These metrics are directly integrated with Google Cloud Monitoring providing a single solution for troubleshooting issues with GKE. Integration with third-party observability tooling is also possible via the Cloud Monitoring API.

Open-Source Threat Detection Tool Falco Adds Support for Google gVisor

The latest version of Falco introduces support for gVisor, Google’s application kernel providing an additional isolation layer between applications and the host OS. Using Falco 0.32.1 users can monitor security events from gVisor to detect threats and audit containers.

Google Open-Sources Natural Language Robot Control Method SayCan

Researchers from Google’s Robotics team have open-sourced SayCan, a robot control method that uses a large language model (LLM) to plan a sequence of robotic actions to achieve a user-specified goal. In experiments, SayCan generated the correct action sequence 84% of the time.

GCP Announces MITRE ATT&CK Mappings to Implement Security Controls

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) recently announced the MITRE ATT&CK Mappings to improve security controls across the Google Cloud workloads. The MITRE ATT&CK framework is a globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics & techniques based on real-world observations. The mappings will empower Google Cloud users to assess the GCP controls against adversary tactics, techniques and procedures(TTPs).


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