Тhe European Commission’s Foreign Aid Department hosted a party in the metaverse to try and raise awareness among younger audiences about the work that they do. But according to reports, just six people made a digital appearance at the event. The news originally appeared on Slashdot.

The ministry has spent €387,000 on its platform, which is designed to promote the EU’s Global Gateway initiative. It envisages an investment of €300 billion to build new infrastructure in different countries.

“After initial puzzled conversations with the approximately five other people who showed up, I was left alone. I am alone.”

tweeted Vince Chadwick, who was one of the few who showed up to the event.

“24-hour beach party” in the metaverse

The concept of the event is clear enough: the aim is to introduce young people to the bloc and bring them into a space where they can learn more about the EU’s activities.

A spokesperson for the Commission told Euronews Next that “the target audience is 18–35-year-olds who identify as neutral about the EU and are not generally engaged in political issues”.

Euronews Next has contacted the European Commission for comment. A spokesperson pointed out that the Gala event was the online event held on 29 November from 9 to 10 pm.

“Our statistics show that 300 people were contacted during the gala and over 5,000 people on that day (29 November)”,

the spokesperson states.

“We believe that metaversion is an innovative approach to reaching young people who do not read newspapers and websites, while recognising that the user interface can be made more convenient and appealing”,

he continued.

Attracting the younger generation to the political issues on which their future depends is proving difficult. The EU’s efforts have proved futile for some, but neither the enticing concept nor the multi-million organisation has been a success.

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