Azure recently announced New Relic’s own full-stack monitoring service. The performance monitoring service enables real-time monitoring and troubleshooting of cloud applications by providing metrics, traces and logs.

Digital transformation in organizations has led to workloads moving to multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Modern organizations are increasingly adopting cloud-native technologies including containers, microservices, serverless, etc.

Enterprises are in dire need of monitoring capabilities such as application performance management (APM), infrastructure monitoring, log management, error tracking, and more to monitor, optimize, and troubleshoot their applications and infrastructure.

Partnership with New Relic
New Relic, a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for 10 consecutive years in application performance management and observability, is one such Azure partner.

“Observability is essential in today’s modern, multi-cloud world. Whether our customers are running applications in data centers, spanning the public cloud, or operating at the edge, they need observability to be able to review all of these systems. Today’s news brings together more than a decade of innovation between New Relic and Microsoft to bring the power of full stack observability to Microsoft developers so they can accelerate enterprise cloud migration and multi-cloud initiatives.”

Said Bill Staples, CEO of New Relic

Azure Native New Relic Service simplifies the efforts of developers and IT administrators to monitor their cloud applications. With this new offering, they can:

Create New Relic accounts in the cloud with just a few clicks. Azure Native New Relic Service is a fully managed offering that enables easy onboarding and eliminates the need to create and manage monitoring for your infrastructure.

Seamlessly send logs and metrics to New Relic. Integrated right into the set up experience and also as part of the configuration, you can set up automatic discovery of resources within an Azure subscription to monitor logs and metrics. You no longer need to go through the tedious process of setting up event centers and writing custom code.

Batch deploy New Relic Agent to virtual machines (VMs) and application services with a single click. Then send logs and metrics from the host infrastructure and processes to New Relic.

Get unified billing for all resources you consume in Azure, including New Relic, from the Azure marketplace.

“Application performance monitoring and observability across the entire stack are critical to cloud transformation for enterprises of all sizes. With the Azure Native New Relic service, Microsoft and New Relic together have enabled a thoughtfully integrated, seamless and premium experience for these enterprises everywhere. With just a few clicks, developers and administrators can now seamlessly set up and monitor their cloud applications using the power of New Relic on Azure.”

Said Balan Subramanian, Director of Partner Product Management, Azure Developer Experiences.

Without providing an integrated managed service, New Relic offers AWS and Google integrations and options available in their respective marketplaces.

As part of the Azure marketplace, New Relic’s service billing is consumption-based and consolidates with Azure’s spend, contributing to Azure’s consumption commitment (MACC).

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