Unqork has introduced the latest and improved version of its Unqork Winter 2024 platform, which emphasizes modular development capabilities, allowing users to design components and applications with broad applicability.

The main goal of the new version of the platform is to reduce development costs, which Unqork says is in line with its strategy to streamline and accelerate the process of developing digital solutions.

“Everything we do at Unqork is meant to help customers achieve value faster while lowering their overall total costs. Our new Composite Applications are a perfect example of this and were built in close collaboration with our top customers”, said Thierry Bonfante, chief product officer at Unqork.

One of the most important features of the Winter 2024 release is the debut of the first open source specifications for code-free applications that demonstrate a feature-rich, secure and open ecosystem built on standards-based web technologies.

Other interesting features include a case management solution that includes pre-built components. A drag-and-drop user interface and updates are also part of what’s new in the platform, as well as a built-in user interface that allows users to create composite applications by configuring and reusing standard components.

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