We are all aware of the Xbox story and all the difficulties it encountered during its growth. Still, it is younger than publishers like Sony or Nintendo, but at present Xbox maintains an eminent presence in the gaming industry.

As part of the promotion for the docuseries which show both the good and the bad periods of Xbox story, Microsoft has officially created a poster which is based on  ‘Power On The Story of Xbox.’ Now, The Red Ring of Death poster, available to be purchased on Xbox’s merchandise store, aims to celebrate those docuseries.

Where does the Red Ring of Death come from? Well, one of the most problematic issues was the frequent overheating of the console. The ring of green light which surrounds the power button would glow red. The more saturated the color is, the worse the problem was. That’s why many players call it the Red Ring of Death.

Since then, Xbox became permanently connected with The Red Ring of Death. Many players tried using creative ways and tricks to prevent the console from overheating. However, it cost Microsoft about a billion dollars to be made, but unfortunately, the money will not be recouped as a result of the poster sales.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International