Yesterday NYOUM LTD, a London-based technology company, announced the launch of its flagship communication platform, LOVE. LOVE presents a brand new way to communicate face-to-face with your friends and family. At its core, the product is a new take on video and audio messaging, video calling, and more. Christopher Schlaeffer, NYOUM’s Founder and Executive Chairman, said:

“LOVE is the culmination of working with the most extraordinary artists, technologists and designers to re-define how we communicate on the internet. Communication is about visual expression, speech and human connection. With those closest to you. And our technology caters for exactly that.”

LOVE focuses on video communication, innovates on visual expression supported by the world’s leading artists, replaces the keyboard as a human-machine interface by multi-modality, transcribes speech and translates into 50+ languages on the recipient’s end. The Company’s Co-Founder and CEO, Samantha Radocchia (‘Sam Rad’), commented:

“It is clear that the first promises of the internet have fallen short. Communication should have been enhanced by moving online. And yet, it hasn’t. Messengers are still very much like SMS, just free and faster, video calls are far from enjoyable, and social media have made communication impersonal, or even unsafe. We are on a bold mission with LOVE: a mission to restore connections and transcend boundaries, a mission to create a magical space for those closest to you, a mission to build a better internet. No ads, no likes, just a place where you can be unapologetically you.”

LOVE is ad-free, built to protect privacy and enact the right to forget. The initiative is committed to democratizing the platform by transferring ownership to its users within five years. Timm Kekeritz, the Company’s Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer, commented:

“Our goal is to make communication as simple as possible, liberating LOVE’s users from the confines of the keyboard, and creating an environment where a person can convey not only the content but also the essence of a conversation.”

LOVE’s technology stack is based on transformative AI in the domains of voice and face recognition, natural language processing, privacy and encryption, contextual analytics, and translation algorithms in order to make user interaction extremely simple. Jim Reeves, NYOUM’s Co-Founder and CTO, said:

“Many of the technologies we are incorporating into LOVE didn’t exist 2 years ago. It is one of the most exciting challenges as a technologist to be building with and innovating on the cutting edge of what’s possible.”

Hans-Ulrich Obrist, curator and artistic director at the Serpentine Galleries, London, added:

“LOVE is the future. I am excited that international artists like Ed Fornieles have engaged to shape this new democratic platform.”

The messaging interface of LOVE is built to resemble a high-tech, multimodal walkie-talkie. All a person needs to do to communicate is hit “start,” record a message, and hit “stop.” They then select a friend and hit send. The message is transcribed in real time, so the recipient can watch, listen, or read the message. Video calling is just as interesting, incorporating a physics engine to power a playful calling experience with one or many.

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