Deep skills in software design, development and deployment, machine learning, data science and IT technology strategy will be brought together by The Newage – infoShare Academy, in order to help support individual and organisation digital talent, digital leadership, and digital entrepreneurship.

Newage Learning and infoShare Academy announced that they are collaborating together in order to create a leading Software Coding and Cyber Security learning centre. They have entered into a strategic partnership that is combining Newage’s experience in the education industry with infoShare Academy’s high-quality next-gen technology learning services.

With technology being increasingly critical in every facet of the business, all organisations recognise the need to accelerate the development of digital solutions to be competitive.

According to Dheikha A. Almheiri, a Chairwoman at Newage Learning, the Newage-infoShare Academy partnership is an influential combination that will be useful for students who will be able to acquire tech skills such as software engineering, data science, project management and product design.

“The GCC region has some of the most creative minds and our purpose is to uplift this talent and provide the opportunity to learn and grow, creating leading technology products and platforms. This partnership will help popularize Bootcamp style training to strengthen learners’ skills in app development by focusing on building both technical and business skills to prepare the trainees for practical real-world situations.”

Andrzej Kiesz, the CEO, infoShare Academy, said

“Partnering with Newage Learning will allow us to expand the infoShare Academy network, enabling skilled IT professionals and business leaders by providing the very best programs on Web or cloud-based learning solutions in the region and building the talent supply chain in data, cloud, and engineering. Together, we will unlock the full potential of digital transformation in the region by ensuring skills and knowledge necessary for the field of digital technology — skills that will help secure a job or, in the case of leadership to manage a business,”

This collaboration represents a step forward to addressing the deep learning needs of the next-generation technology and engineering expertise. Not only that but talent is the key accelerator for change and success. It is the talent, which is the key accelerator for change, and this collaboration represents a step forward to addressing the deep learning needs of next-gen technology and engineering expertise.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International