It’s no secret the meteoric rise in importance of digital infrastructure grows, especially over the past few years as Covid-19 has emerged and fundamentally changed the way we live.

And  what exactly was considered a priority for many organizations has suddenly become a necessity. Perhaps it’s only logical that the number of jobs vacancy in the tech industry should increase. But what could be better than that?

These companies now have the time they need to stabilize, reflect and assess their needs for the future. The fact that digital skills are now a must-have for many employees. The innovations happening around the tech world mean that they will continue to be in demand by employers. Because the future belongs to technology. Do you agree?

But let’s cut to the chase. Today we’ve chosen to share with you what the most in-demand tech jobs will be in the coming year 2023, and not according to anyone but James Milligan himself, who is the global head of Hays Technology. The top 10 rankings in this article were originally published on the Hays blog.

So, get comfortable and read carefully. Maybe you’ll find your profession in the rankings too. If that happens, it’s never too late to change jobs (we’re joking of course). Well, enjoy the reading…

Top 10 most in-demand tech jobs in 2023 

  1. Change Manager

With strong communication skills and experience in implementing change, these individuals will oversee the methodology of projects mostly related to digital transformation.

  1. Scrum master

These are the scrum creation facilitators. A successful scrum master will be an expert in agile methodologies and an effective communicator.

  1. DevOps engineer

Individuals in this position have broader responsibilities than many other technical jobs, working with developers and operations teams to build and deploy new releases.

  1. Data Engineer

This role is all about building systems to collect data and provide analytics to the right people in the business.

  1. Software Engineer

Software engineers design and build a range of systems and applications for organisations. If you want to become a software engineer, you need to make sure you have the right skills.

  1. Java developer

Following on from the above, Java is one of the main programming languages used by software engineers. Those who are proficient in Java will have a number of opportunities in 2023, whether it is for startups or multinational companies.

  1. Data analyst

Data analysts take the information provided by engineers to solve problems and help deliver insights. Those with experience and qualifications are popular among employers, but there are learning opportunities available as demand outweighs supply.

  1. .NET developer

This role focuses on programming for Microsoft Windows. If you’re able to code for apps and other software with languages such as C# or VB.NET, then there are roles available.

  1. Project manager

Project managers were number one on list last year and are still proving popular as organizations roll out their digital transformation. You’ll need to be a strong leader with good communication skills to excel in this role.

  1. Business analyst

This is the most in-demand tech job on list this year. Companies need people to gather requirements and spot trends. Even if you don’t have formal qualifications, organizations are hiring candidates with experience in delivering this.


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