Meta is about to be required for talking about how its VR business will reflect on children’s  code.

Recently, evidence of harassment of children under 18 in a popular third-party VR chat application was found by a campaign group.

Maybe this is the reason that The Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) would like to talk to Meta about how its VR business Oculus will reflect on children’s code as the code’s aim is provide online services which are expected to protect children of inappropriate content while using the app. Meta explained:

“We’re committed to meeting the obligations under the code, and to providing young people with age-appropriate experiences.”

The firm’s safe centre’s webpage says that a user needs to be over 13 years old and suggests adults to monitor the way their children use Oculus devices. The ICO said:

“We are planning further discussions with Meta on its children’s privacy and data protection by design approaches to Oculus products and virtual reality services.”

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International