When thinking about gambling, many newcomers typically ask, “How secure are online casino games”? Occasionally, the question about casinos’ fairness in general arises. Some people consider gambling features rigged. On the other hand, others vehemently disagree. While we can’t deny the existence of rogue casinos, we must point out that the vast majority of the online casino community looks to keep players happy. In the following lines, you’ll find out if casino games are rigged and how to detect any abnormality while gambling.

It All Starts With Casinos

The answer to the “How secure are online casino games” question correlates with the security and safety of the casino in which you play these games. Namely, there are regulatory bodies that serve the purpose of protecting gamblers from any sort of mistreatment. Therefore, these independent companies issue licenses to all casinos that agree to comply with regulatory rules.

Consequently, if a casino holds any license, that could be an excellent sign to players that the operator is compliant with the specific rules and legislation. The most eminent regulations come from the UK and Malta. Besides the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. Keep in mind that one casino can have multiple licenses, contributing to the overall feeling of security. Placing your bets only at legit casinos will ensure you have fair chances when gambling.

Introducing The RNG

Another aspect that shows how secure casino games are is RNG. The Random Number Generator ensures every casino game’s outcome is independent of the previous outcomes.

The concept of RNG was initially introduced in slots. The main idea was to make every spin unrestrained, not relying on the one before or after. Then, RNG slowly became an essential part of every casino game.

How To Know If a Casino Uses RNG

Every operator’s interest is to show how secure are online casino games. With that in mind, players should know that most platforms usually state their games using the algorithm mentioned earlier.

Now, there’s also a question of the casinos’ plausibility on whether they correctly use RNG. In that sense, gamblers should be aware that this is one of the reasons why regulatory bodies exist. Independent bodies regularly check if the casino is not misusing the Random Number Generator. Some of the most eminent third-party auditors are:

  • eCOGRA
  • TST
  • Verisign
  • Gaming Associates

Therefore, the operators will highlight some of these companies’ logos on their webpage to show how secure online casino games are on their platforms. Usually, you can find the list of games that these auditory bodies have tested.

In fact, the most transparent operators will display these seals of approval on their website. There, players can have an insight into who tested specific games.

Games That Don’t Use The RNG

On the other hand, some casino games don’t use RNG by default. We are referring mainly to live casino features where you have a dealer while playing against other casino customers. In that case, you must have two things:

  • A bit of faith in people,
  • Knowledge of the game.

So, if you are about to play games like blackjack or any poker variant, you should rely on your skills. The good news here is that it solely depends on the players’ knowledge and strategy.

Choose Games From Eminent Game Providers

It’s important to mention that casino games are not typically attached to the operator itself. There are software providers which generate these games and distribute them to casinos. With that in mind, some software developers are better than others. The most eminent game providers regularly check their games with the auditory bodies; therefore, they keep clear evidence of fair and secure games. This is why it’s always a good idea to check which software developer stands behind the game you choose to play.

The House Doesn’t Always Win

When speaking about how secured online casino games are, some people will typically attempt to point out that the house always wins. Before we conclude whether we agree, let’s first understand house edge.

House Edge

People love to gamble and gladly return to it every time. It’s not about winning or losing, having in mind not all people make profits from it. If that were the case, then casinos wouldn’t exist in the first place. Gambling venues live to make a profit; there’s no question or secret about it. Still, that doesn’t mean that casinos should take all the booty. The game must be fair and righteous. For this reason, we have something called the house edge.

This term describes the advantage that an online casino game or gambling establishment has over you, looking at the long run. In a nutshell, house edge represents a percentage of money that will return to the gambling platform.

Choose Games With Lower House Edge

Those whose primary concern is online casino games’ security should simply pick the features with a lower house edge. This way, they increase the chance of winning in the long term. The math is pretty straightforward. Games like slots typically have a higher HE. Consequently, while spinning the reels, casinos will have an advantage over players; however, if you’re lucky enough, these games can bring you massive payouts.

On the flip side, games like blackjack or poker have a lower house edge. In these games, the result is up to you and Lady Luck. Therefore, choosing these games will decrease the mathematical influence in the casino’s favour. Still, the outcome would mainly depend on you and your skills. Also, the payouts are not generous as in slots, for instance. Here you can notice how the risk-reward ratio affects your chances. In other words – the higher the risk, the higher the reward.

Still, one question keeps picking at punters’ minds – how secure are online casino games? As long as the players follow the instructions mentioned above, the answer is always – very secure. Therefore, if you’re looking to start gambling, check if the online casino is fair and reputable. Simultaneously, make sure the games you play are from eminent game providers. Finally, choosing the games with the lowest house edge will ensure it’s only you against the opponent.

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