Google is working on developing a more advanced version of artificial intelligence chatbot Bard, Hypebeast reports.

Bard debuted in the tech world in the spring of 2023 with the idea of being a direct competition to ChatGPT, but it didn’t appeal to many users and failed to achieve the success of the model created by OpenAI.

In December, the company shared that a new large language model (LLM) was on its way out, called Gemini Ultra. The new language model is expected to be released this year and will power the Bard Advanced chatbot.

Developer Dylan Russell posted screenshots of Google’s code on X that describe Bard Advanced as “a more capable big language model with advanced math and reasoning skills.”


Another piece of code points to a tool called “Motoko” that will seemingly enable users to create their own chatbots.

The code also suggests that users will need to subscribe to Google One, the company’s cloud storage program, to access Bard Advanced.

Google has not yet confirmed Bard Advanced.

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