The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will take place in person for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic forced it to go virtual last year. The trade fair returns to Las Vegas on Wednesday. That makes it the first major in-person tech conference to take place in the United States since the start of the pandemic. 

The host of the event is the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Some companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, BMW and Meta, formerly known as Facebook, reduced or cancelled their attendance due to fears over Omicron.

This year we can expect:

  • Space tourism – While those attending the CES will not get a free ticket to space, they will be able to get up close to Sierra Space’s Dream Chaser space plane.
  • Driverless car race – Driverless cars will hit speeds of nearly 260km/h.
  • COVID tech – The pandemic is not just dominating the global agenda but health tech too.
  • Health tracking tech – Withings is showing off its new Body Scan smart scale, which not only measures your weight but can also sense your heart rhythm and nerve activity in the feet
  • Big techSamsung will unveil its Galaxy S21 FE. The smartphone is a slightly lower-cost version of the Galaxy S21. 
  • The metaverse – The metaverse was a big talking point in 2021 and continues to be in the new 2022. As tech companies grapple with how to finesse the technology, one company will be showing off a wearable wireless vest that may connect you to the metaverse in a physical way.
  • Cute tech – And then there is a plush cat that nibbles your fingers.
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