Amazon Neptune announced a new open-source low-code visual exploration tool, the graph-explorer, that is available under the Apache-2.0 license.

With this launch, customers can effortlessly browse either labeled property graphs (LPG) or Resource Description Framework (RDF) data in a graph database and discover connections between data without having to write graph queries.

The graph-explorer open source tool provides a React-based web application that can be deployed as a Docker image to visualize graph data. You can connect to Amazon Neptune or another graph database that provides an Apache TinkerPop Gremlin or SPARQL 1.1 endpoint. You can search the data quickly using faceted search filters and interactively explore connections around nodes and edges. You can also customize the graph layout, colors, icons, and default properties to display for nodes and edges, and save images for future use.

To get started, build the graph-explorer Docker image and run it on a local machine or a hosted service, like Amazon EC2 or Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), per the documentation.

And you can also contribute to the graph-explorer GitHub project here.

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