Samsung is working on creating a virtual voice AI assistant, Bixby, to make it easier to make calls, says Business Standard.

Samsung Mobile Executive Vice President Won Choi announced how the company will focus on improving the voice assistant’s features.

The executive vice president did not reveal details on how Samsung will integrate genAI to the voice assistant. He emphasizes that by adding AI, conversations will be more natural, and the company will work diligently on realizing the mission to build AI into the voice assistant.

There is information that the company is focusing on building features into Bixby that are similar to ChatGPT. According to Samsung, this will improve the voice assistant’s ability to respond naturally.

The voice assistant will also be able to summarize articles, documents as well as make suggestions for different places.

The president of the mobile division at the company says that Samsung will allow AI features on its devices to be free by 2025.

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