In Windows Vista, Microsoft has introduced support for gadgets – small applications that run directly on the desktop, Ghacks reports. In Windows Vista they were limited to the sidebar, and in Windows 7 they were unlocked so users could place them anywhere on the desktop.

You probably all remember when the tech giant dropped them in Windows 8, saying they posed a security risk. But according to speculation in a Windows Central report, Microsoft is working on bringing back the core functionality of the plug-ins in Windows 7.

Windows 11 features a Widgets panel that users can enable to display news, weather, sports scores, and third-party widgets.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft is considering adding an option to Windows 11’s Widgets feature to attach widgets to the desktop. This will allow users to pin their favorite widgets to the desktop so that they appear permanently on it/ According to the report, widgets attached in this way can be placed anywhere on the desktop.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft hopes that the new option to attach widgets improves engagement with widgets.

The company has not yet confirmed the feature, nor has it been introduced in any of the currently available versions of Insider. The change may improve the visibility of Widgets, given that the information is displayed on the desktop, eliminating the need to activate the Widgets panel. Gadgets were especially popular in Windows 7 and displayed hardware information, music player controls, photos, etc. directly on the desktop.

Widgets are a controversial feature in Windows 11. Some users like it, while others have no use for it. The icon can be easily removed from the Windows 11 taskbar. The change has not yet been confirmed by Microsoft.

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