That’s what we want to say to everyone, and especially to all software developers and IT professionals! 

The flexibility we’ve earned due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation helped us to open our minds far beyond the boundaries of a cubicle office without clocking in and out. 

After all, any troubles in life seem to fade to black when one can ride a ski or snowboard before and after work, and even during the breaks. 

That’s how one of the most popular winter resorts in southern Bulgaria, Pamporovo, has become the best mountain town for digital nomads. It’s co-working options and easy access to outdoor activities tempts every remote worker to come and experience the amazing atmosphere and work literally from the slopes.  

This will be a short interview about the different home-office options far away from the urban lifestyle that Pamporovo provides. 

Tell us a little more about Pamporovo – for our international audience? What do you offer? What are the advantages?

Pamporovo is one of the biggest mountain resorts in Bulgaria known for its unique nature and most sunny days in the year. We offer many different services, various well groomed ski slopes in the winter and good prepared bike & hike trails in the summer. Pamporovo is located in the magical Rhodope mountain.


Mountains with breathtaking views and ultimate clean air with very high negative ionization. In the region are located many natural landmarks and tourist attractions and a person will have many things to do in each day of their stay.

Can you tell us how Pamporovo has turned from a winter resort into one different and non-standard home-office?

In the last few years many people choose Pamporovo for their remote-office, because there is nothing better to combine your hobby with your work. Especially since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, the resort has been established as a preferred destination for “home office” because of the tranquility, the fresh air and the hospitality of the Rhodope people. Here you can really feel at home away from home.

What do you offer to you guests, who chose you for their remote-office?

Everything you need for the working process – privacy, fast internet connection and space for new ideas. At the disposal of the guests of Pamporovo are many hotels, guest houses and apartments and also the “Pamporovo Convention Center” with a variety of fully high technical equipped multifunctional halls, ready to satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Can you share with us, professionals from which fields chose your resort for their work environment?

Many freelancers, programmers, copywriters, PR professionals, sales managers, designers and others.

Do you believe that this environment helps professionals be more proactive?

Definitely! People are much more productive and creative when they are in such an environment. It is totally different when your office is in the woods and you’re motivated to finish your work faster because you can go to ski after that or to walk to some beautiful place around.

Are you going to provide the same amenities even after the current pandemic situation? What about during other seasons?

Of course! Pamporovo is an all season destination and offers excellent conditions for remote-office all the year.

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