Version 24H2, which Microsoft is due to release in the second half of 2024, promises remarkable features and changes.

Earlier this year, the company released its first feature update for Windows 11 – “Moment 5.” However, it failed to generate much interest.

The full list of new features in version 24H2 of Windows 11 is not yet complete, but some of the changes that will occur in the operating system are clear. Today we will present to you 5 of them, which according to Neowin are worth your attention. In addition to this, some of those listed will appear before version 24H2.

Use your phone as a webcam

Windows 11 will let you use your Android smartphone as a wireless webcam. Modern phones have great cameras, and even expensive webcams often can’t match their capabilities. Future Windows updates will make it possible to use different cameras in your smartphones to make video calls on a computer, apply additional effects (such as HDR), and more.

Windows 11 will offer a dedicated window with all controls and additional information such as connection status and battery level. Currently, the ability to use Android smartphones as webcams with Windows 11 PCs is available to all Windows Insiders with the Link to Windows app version 1.24012.

Deeper Copilot integration

Copilot in Windows still seems like a huge afterthought with a very limited set of actually useful Windows-related features. Fortunately, Microsoft is making its new AI assistant more capable in terms of interacting with the hardware. Copilot is expected to be able to scan for Wi-Fi networks, display device information, report battery level, toggle battery saving, clean some memory, take screenshots, interact with accessibility features, and more.

Built-in QR code generator

Although at first glance this seems like a not-so-important feature, it can make the operating system more convenient. This future Windows update will allow you to generate QR codes when sharing links, making transferring websites from computer to phone much easier. You won’t have to email links to yourself or wait for Microsoft Edge to sync your history.

Save energy

Microsoft is working on expanding the existing power-saving module to more devices, namely desktops, which traditionally don’t rely on rechargeable batteries. The new energy saver is expected to trade more performance for battery life and allow you to reduce power consumption as you reach a certain battery life.

More lock screen widgets

The lock screen in Windows 11 will soon show more useful information. As you know, the current version allows you to place the weather widget, and future updates will add more options such as stocks, traffic, sports games, and more. This part is optional and you will be able to use the traditional and clean lock screen on your PC.

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