Although the Galaxy S23 series offers seamless camera use in a variety of situations, because of the hardware and the feature-rich camera app, one feature is still missing – the 2x zoom in portrait mode. The good news for Galaxy fans is that it is being made available soon, SamMobile reports.

Samsung has released a software update to improve the camera on the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra. The company is expected to release another major update later this month to improve low-light photography and to remove the HDR halo effect. Samsung’s camera development team reveals that it has added the 2X zoom option in the portrait mode of the Galaxy S23’s camera app.

Currently, the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra only feature 1x and 3x zoom modes in the camera app’s portrait mode. The 1x option enables portrait shots from the main camera, while the 3x option enables portrait shots from the 3x telephoto camera. But for some people, the 1x option is too wide and the 3x mode is too zoomed in. And the solution in this case is the 2x option.

Samsung is adding a 2x zoom option to the portrait camera mode that will crop the frame from the main camera. The feature will be rolled out to all Galaxy S23 series phones with the next software update, which is expected to be released later this month (May 2023). The company is expected to reveal whether this feature will appear in the Galaxy S22 series once it releases the update for the Galaxy S23. Stay tuned for details.

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