Realme confirmed in an official statement that on the MWC 2022 mobile congress in Barcelona on February 28 the company will present the world’s fastest technology for smartphone charging.

Realme is a company that focuses on the development of innovative technologies and relies mainly on mid-range and budget devices. However, Realme definitely seem to have something to show their customers.

The company is expected to hold demonstrations of the technology on February 28 during the congress. In fact, the first-class

Android smartphones with this feature are based on systems with 120W charging. Although it’s not yet officially confirmed, Realme is expected to show fast powering of mobile devices with 150W. The new functionality that the company will show will be compatible with Oppo’s 160W charger, which will expand the range of use.

Realme has introduced its 125W UltraDart charging system this year, but there are still no devices that use the technology. The company said in a press release that smartphones will be able to receive 33% charge in less than three minutes.

Fast charging technologies are a key part of Realme’s Go Premium strategy, which will be supported by 70% of the company’s investments. We will find out in a few days when and where the first smartphones with 150W charging will be sold.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International