You will hardly be surprised if we tell you that a .NET developer gets countless benefits and is becoming an increasingly preferred profession. The job market is demanding and attractive, and companies are increasingly looking to hire true professionals to be at the forefront and keep up with the competition, which is not small at all.

One of the important things that every novice .NET developer needs to know is that the Framework Class Library (FCL) and language interoperability are the most important features.

Today we introduce you to some useful tips, KnowledgeHut presents us and which will strengthen your qualities and skills as a .NET professional.

The Tips Every .NET Developer Needs

Know the Basics
If you aspire to be a .NET developer, the fundamental concepts of .NET Core, .NET Standard, .NET Framework, and Xamarin.Mono should be on your tips. C# is an excellent, elegant and expressive programming language and the best friend of .NET developers.

Important things to note and skills to master in C# are: Variables, Conditionals, Loops, Fields and properties, Data types, Inheritance, Objects, LINQ, Classes, Methods, Encapsulation, Interfaces, Polymorphism.

Expand your knowledge
Building a good career as a .NET developer requires flexibility. Having a generic skill set adds no value to individual growth and brings no advantages when you’re at a job interview, for example, and have to choose between you and another candidate. Therefore, additional skills that complement your .NET experience are preferred, some of which Up-to-Date knowledge, Experience With CI/CD Pipelines, Engagement.

.NET developer skills
Every employer wants a .NET developer who has experience in C#, ASP.Net, ASP.Net Web API, REST API/JSON, LINQ, SQL, and relational databases. Additional skills that employers require are OOD, Agile, multithreading, performance tuning, good code organization skills and design patterns.

Basic programming skills
Knowing the basic C# programming concepts are extremely important. For example, what is the use of conditional operators? What is the use of loops? These basic code and syntax knowledge are the basic requirements for any DOTNET developer, whether amateur or expert.

C# is an object-oriented multi-paradigm language, so knowledge of OOPS concepts and information about their implementation are useful in developing websites, apps, mobile devices and games.

Tools for productivity
It would hardly surprise you if we told you that productivity is key. That’s why it’s crucial to have a thorough knowledge of the tools used for code optimization, such as JustCode, Resharper, or for code migration – .Net Portability Analyser, which will help you with any task, even when you’re in a period of unproductivity.

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