According to a report published by technology recruiting platforms CodinGame and CoderPad, skills in JavaScript, Java, and Python are the most in-demand by employers, InfoWorld reports.

CodinGame-CoderPad’s “The State of Tech Hiring in 2023” report is based on a survey of 14,000 professionals and offers insight into what could happen in 2023 for technology recruiters and job seekers.

Node.js, React, and .NET Core are among the most well-known and in-demand frameworks. The survey also found that demand for Angular exceeds supply, while its popularity among developers has declined. The declining popularity of Angular among developers is a finding in other reports as well.

Here’s what else is noted in the State of Tech Hiring 2023 report:

– Despite instability in the tech sector, developers feel secure in their jobs. A third of respondents reported feeling more secure than last year, and 41% reported no significant change.

– The top three technical skills developers want to learn are web development, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and game development.

– The top three skills sought by recruiters are web development, devops, and database software development.

– The main challenges in developers’ jobs include unplanned changes in their schedule, unclear guidelines, and lack of technical knowledge on the part of team members.

– 59% of developers do not have a university degree in computer science. Nearly a third believe they are mostly self-taught.

– Most teams are now a hybrid between remote and on-site work. Only 15% work on-site 100% of the time.

– Freelance programming jobs are becoming increasingly popular.


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