For a few weeks companies won’t be able to use Kronos. The reason? The Ultimate Kronos Group was hit by a ransomware attack, and that’s why its clients do not have access to the processing payroll, handling time sheets and managing their workforce.

Actually, Kronos Workforce Central is also stricken by the attack. Its tools were created for industries with the aim to help them manage their workforce on a cloud platform. It contains a suite of workforce management solutions for time and attendance, absence management, scheduling and more.

At that moment, Kronos advised its clients to search for an alternative for workforce management while it navigates this situation and finds a solution. Some of the high profile clients which are using Kronos systems are Tesla, Puma, YMCA, and others.

Kronos found out about the problem on Saturday evening, and after that the company announced that it may take a couple of weeks for the problem to be fixed, but they did not give more information about when the situation will be solved.

According to Bob Hughes’s post, who is an executive vice president at UKG, there are some other services which are impacted by the attack such as Healthcare Extensions, UKG TeleStaff and Banking Scheduling Solutions.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International